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Fabric is another options for packaging. although printing in fabric proven to have lower quality (compare to paper), but itsnature material, can withstand water and crumpled, along with its texture making it more durable/reusable for long term. Fabric material is popularly used for grocery bags (foldable), laundry bags, or even promotion purposes.

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Or known as “Spunbond“. Nonwoven fabric has a big pores, makes it hard to apply screen printing on its surface. Although consider hard to print, Spunbond score the highest point for durability if compare with others fabric as well. with a low starting cost, it makes smaller MOQ available and ultimately faster productions. This makes Spunbond ideal for promotion purpose.

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Satin is a weave that typically has a glossy surface on one side and a dull at the other. Satin fabric tends to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. Satin is originally popular for bed sheets, athletic shorts, women’s lingerie, etc. Satin is a fabric that have a specialty of looks and feel like “silk” but cheaper. Great use for handbag or shoes inner packaging

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Is a woven cotton fabric in its loom –state and still consider impurities (unfinished goods). Despite the facts, Grey Cloth is seen as natural in texture and color, and popular among vintage collections.


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