Q & A

If this is your first time ordering paper bags, please don’t worry!
Just read these Q&A and you’ll get the idea of how we run things.


I’m a first timer; can I have your price list of your entire product?

We’re sorry but we don’t have such price list. All our paper bags were all “custom made”. Each customer demand their own size, concept, theme style, etc to fulfill their different purpose.

Some customer demanded a stronger packaging due to the load it carry, while some more concern about the style they want to impress, and others concern about usability which could be used over and over again. Since every customer demand something different if not entirely, there’s no used for such price list.

If you do not have the “price list”, how do I get the idea of what I want to make?

Our best practice is to do a discussion together. Its best that we could give you the understanding of what kind of concept do you want to achieve for your brand with a within budget range. Please contact us at +62-21- 691 0352 (53) to set a schedule.

I’m not a first timer, and I’ve already come up with a concept in detail. How can I place order?

Great! This will help us a lot. Please give us the detail spec to our email ask.us[at]tommybag.co.id including your mobile number. We will be in touch soon.

I saw that Tommybag is working with “X” brand to make their packaging product. Do you have a “leafover” from this “X” brand that I could buy?

No, we don’t sell your brands product to other customer, vice versa. Our customers trust our objectivity and no short-term gain could ever justify breaching that trust.

Do I have to own the legal copyright to place an order with Tommybag?

Yes. Although we hold no penalty if such actions took place, the responsible will be bear to the company or the person who place the order.

We encourage you to have a legal copyright of the product and the rights to distribute such product. If we found out that you’re not rightful owner and in attempt of counterfeiting by using Tommybag as the third-party, we will stop our service instantly without prior notice. Tommybag don’t support counterfeit.

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Our main product is Paper Material, the MOQ is 5.000 pcs. Other product may vary.

Placing Order

What do i need to make bags?

In ideal conditions, first we need a concept. Either you give us input, or we try to analyze and give you options. Then we need your FA files “Final Artwork” soft copy in high resolution possible.

We accept any design files you’re comfortable with, so don’t worry.

Instead of a concept, I have this sample that I want to make the “exact” copy of it. Can Tommybag?

Yes, although it would take us longer time to analyze, and in some cases, few testing were needed to know the exact material used. We might not always get the exact same material, but we always come up with 90% accuracy. Unless you’re an expert, you couldn’t tell the difference.

What if my design is not ready?

We suggest that to have your design prepared before you contact us. Without the design finalize, you would have trouble selecting which concept to be used.

Can Tommybag Help me with my design?

As far as minor editing such as moving picture or changing color, we could help you. As for more than that, we cannot.

Can will I get a confirm sample before delivery?

Yes, you will get as many confirm sample as you like but only after you approve the price.
In case of cancel order, you will be charge for the confirm sample.

I have a large amount of order. Can you handle it?

As we speak, Tommybag could produce up to 20.000pcs* per day.

As we grow rapidly year by year, our production quantity has improved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at ask.us[a]tommybag.co.id for a more detail information.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept any methods payment for local customer using IDR.

Why do I have to place down payment for my order?

This happen because either you’re a first timer or you are under MOQ.

I’m an overseas customer. Do you accept USD?

We accept USD as your payment.


How long until I receive the goods?

For MOQ, we usually give 2 weeks delivery time policy. Delivery time may vary depend on the season.

Area of delivery service?

We deliver to all over Indonesia. For Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) area will be free of charge. While other area, we will deliver them using a third party delivery service. Additional cost will be charge separately.

I’m an overseas customer. Do you except FOB terms?

Unfortunately, no. for all overseas customers, we only accepted EXW. Means that our goods are propose without any cost included. Delivering goods to your forwarding agent will be arranged with no additional charge.


The goods I receive don’t match the sample I sign / agree upon!

Please do tell us, we will replace it with no additional charge.
No question asks!

The goods I receive don’t match the specification agreed upon the quotation!

Please do tell us, we will replace it with no additional charge.
No question asks!

The goods I receive change color after 6 month of storage?

Due to the nature material of paper, it will cause problem when in contact with water.

Tommybag held no responsibility regarding this matter.
We suggest that a smaller quantity place on next order or place storage with dehumidifiers will greatly help.

The goods I receive have white edges, marks of a folding paper?

This matter would happen in unlaminated paper. That unlaminated paper would’ve cracked after being fold, such behavior of paper.

Tommybag held no responsibility regarding this matter. We suggest that adding laminating would be a wise decision on the next order.

*= (Depends on the size, type of finishing and types of rope)